It’s saving my back

Lory and Walter live in New Jersey and both kept up a relatively active lifestyle until Walter was diagnosed with ALS (also known as motor neurone disease). As Walter’s condition progressed, a wheelchair became an essential part of everyday life.
Yet both found it a chore to use their combination bath tub and shower, and the initial solution of a grab bar system was no longer working: The effort involved with having to swing himself into the shower would leave him fatigued, leading to an increased lack of balance.
Lory had to be on-hand in case her husband slipped, however lifting and supporting him put additional strain upon her back. An accident was almost inevitable, so Lory took matters into her own hands and searched for a different solution that was easy to use and affordable.

After exploring the different options available on the market, they decided on Tub Buddy Tilt (SB2T) because in only one transfer they could load Walter onto the chair from anywhere in the house.
Once in the bathroom, the system is hooked up to the bridge where it is then rolled over and into the tub so that users can shower themselves safely, securely and in privacy. The tilt system takes care of the problem of the bathtub rim, allowing users to effortlessly cross over in one deft motion without any physical strain or swivelling on the part of the carer.
Taking approximately an hour to set up and fit to the tub, the Tub Buddy system is easy to install and ready to use almost immediately – as Lory found out for herself. After taking some basic measurements, she got in touch with the experienced staff at Showerbuddy. They spoke to her over a video call to view the size of the bathroom and assisted in selecting a product that would suit them and the environment best.
The team also remained in contact for after care, and if Lory and Walter were interested in any extra equipment or accessories, they helped to ensure that the best products were selected to fit the situation and the equipment already in use.
Showerbuddy products are designed to stand continuous use over time: made from light-weight aluminium, all Showerbuddy models, including Lory and Walter’s Tub Buddy model are rust free, easy to use and secure.
Lory says “It’s been lovely: it’s been a fabulous thing for us. It’s given us both back our time and dignity…and it’s saving my back(!)

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