Return Policy

Return of Product and Refund Policy

1. Products sold by Showerbuddy are non-returnable, except in the case of a manufacturing defect, and will be considered for return or repair as the manufacturer deems necessary. (See line item number 4)
No return will be accepted nor refund granted if the product did not fit in the bathroom or operate as intended because of bathroom encumbrances. Showerbuddy encourages all potential buyers to check dimensions of the product here  prior to buying. Check the product can work and operate as intended within the home and bathroom prior to buying.

2. If the shipped product remains un-opened, and is refused on or before the day of delivery, the initial purchaser will be responsible for a 20% restocking and handling fee. The initial purchaser will be charged for the original outbound and inbound freight charges. These costs will be deducted from any refund paid.

3. The recipient of the product, will have ten (10) days from and including the day of delivery to inspect it for any defects or damage. If the product is delivered and there are no reports of defects in materials or workmanship by either merchant or consumer within the allowable ten (10) day period, the product will be entirely non-returnable.

4. If there are any defects or damage, the manufacturer, at their discretion will repair, or have repaired, supply new parts or replace the product without cost to the merchant or consumer. If the manufacturer chooses to accept a return, there a several steps that must be followed and are required.

5. For customers outside of USA and Canada, please email to obtain approval to return your product. A full explanation of the return reason is required, along with chair serial number and photos where possible of any damage or other issue.

6. In USA and Canada a Return Authorization is required before any products can be returned. What is a ‘return authorization’? It is simply a number given by the manufacturer designated for identification and verification of the product being returned. If a return is allowed by the manufacturer, a RA number is required, and must be written boldly on the outside of the package being returned. RA expires 30 days from date of issuance at which time returns are no longer accepted.

7. ANY products that are returned without a valid RA number indicated on the box will be refused. To acquire an RA number within USA or Canada, contact Showerbuddy, LLC at +1 (877) 769-2833.
8. If a return of product is agreed, the merchant or consumer will be responsible that the product is in its original box and/or on the original pallet, undamaged and unused. If either party does not have the original box and pallet, or if the packaging is torn or ripped or the product is not repackaged as it was prior to opening, it may not protect the content. When the product is received an inspection will be done to consider what damages may have occurred because of improper packaging. Any damages that occur to the product and deemed by the manufacturer as a fault of improper packaging, (this does not include the defects or damages claimed within the ten day inspection period), will be charged to the initial purchaser and those charges will be collected by the manufacturer before a replacement unit will be shipped. Once the product is received in new condition, other than the claims against manufacturer defect(s) or damage(s), the manufacturer, at no cost to the merchant or consumer, will ship another unit to replace the one returned and received.